About Vince “Blue Bag” Service

Our Residential “Blue Bag” Service is a “pay-as-you-throw” type of service.

Our “Blue Bag” service is designed to help those customers that have only one (1) or sometimes two (2) bags per week.

You will save dollars compared to our regular services.

The bags are packaged 5 in a packet and are sold in local grocery stores for $14.00 per packet.

The price of the bags includes the cost of pickup and disposal. Therefore, 5 bags per month will only cost you $14.00 rather than rate of our regular service.

Question: Will we take yard waste with blue bags?

Answer:  If you’re Blue Bag customer and have yard waste to be picked up it must be marked with the Vince yellow yard waste tags and set out with your blue bags.

There is no limit to the number of “Blue Bags” or tagged yard waste bags that you can put out for pickup.

To begin this service – please call our office at 937-323-3640

Please note: We do not accept any form of hazardous waste including but not exclusive to: paint, oil, oil products, ink, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, acids, and alkaline products.